The Weakest Servant 5: All Stars
Season 5
Location Atua's Black Box, Paradise
Hosted On April 21st, 2018
Host Joe
Servants 5
Prize Money $16,500
Winner(s) Kyle (Tavua)
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The Weakest Servant 5: All Stars is the fifth season of 'The Weakest Servant' series. This gameshow took place on April 21st, 2018.


Five of the best servants who have ever played this game will enter Atua's Black Box, a hidden location in Paradise. These servants will have a limited amount of time to answer as many trivia questions as possible. Their goal is to create a chain of eight correct answers in a row to earn an increasing amount of money. If a servant answers their question incorrectly, then the money chain resets. Before their question is asked, a contestant can choose to bank the current amount of money earned in any chain to make it safe, after which the chain resets back to $0. Their order of answering questions goes from left to right. Once everyone has answered a question, it goes back to the left. After time is up, the servants will cast a vote for the servant they think was the Weakest Servant in that round. After the votes have been casted, the servant with the most votes stands above the Pit of Doom. If there is a tie, then the strongest servant (the servant who answered the most questions correctly) will cast the tiebreaker vote. That servant will have 30 seconds to correctly answer three trivia questions. If they answer all three questions correctly, then they can choose any servant who voted for them to be dropped into the Pit of Doom. If the weakest servant answers any of the three questions incorrectly, then they will be dropped into the Pit of Doom. This continues until there are only two servants left. The final two servants will then face off. They will have to answer five questions each and whoever answers the most questions correct will win the game. If there is a tie, then they will continue to answer trivia questions until someone answers a question correctly and the opponent answers a question incorrectly.


Kyle (Tavua)

Elimination Chart

Servants Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Finale
Kyle (Tavua) 1/2 1/4 4/4 4/10 10/20
Sam 2/2 3/4 2/4 3/10 10/20
Teemo 1/2 3/3 3/5 7/10
Masterfy 2/2 0/4 2/6
Shay 0/2 0/2
Money Earned $2,000 $7,000 $7,500 - $16,500
Key: Strongest Link(s) Weakest Link(s) Eliminated

Voting Chart

Servants Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Kyle (Tavua) Shay Masterfy Teemo
Sam Shay Masterfy Teemo
Teemo Shay Masterfy Sam
Masterfy Teemo Kyle
Shay Masterfy
Tie - - -
Vote 3-1-1 3-1 2-1
Key: Weakest Link Eliminated