Username AtlanticJustice
Role Servant
Game Summary
Gameshows Atua's Challenge 1
Money Won $0
Social Media
Youtube N/A
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Instagram N/A


Residence: Nebraska

Known for: Mark's Minecraft The Challenge, Lambeau's Green Pig Games 5.5 and 7.

Three adjectives that describe you: Goofy, Friendly, Positive

Favorite activities: Playing the clarinet, golfing, mowing, and playing video games.

Pet peeves: People who constantly talk over others and letting out air in your body in a nasty way.

Is your gameplay more heroic or more villainous? Why?: My gameplay is more heroic, but can also been seen neutral between a heroic or villainous player. I would say heroic because I'm going to fight for my main allies to stay and will help people if they need it. I can also be considered a villain because I do betray my allies.

My life's motto is: Rewards come from hard work and work up to earn a profit.

Fun facts:

  • I used to have Apple Red colored hair
  • I fractured my toe from being whip-lashed off a jet ski
  • I'm a host of many Survivor gameshows.