Username Jolieve
Role Host
Game Summary
Gameshows Please Atua 1

Please Atua 2

Please Atua 3

Please Atua 4

Atua's Temple

The Weakest Servant 1

The Weakest Servant 2

The Weakest Servant 3

The Weakest Servant 4

The Weakest Servant 5

The Weakest Servant 6

Money Won Infinite
Social Media
Youtube Joliever Joe
Twitter N/A
Instagram N/A
Joe is the host of all of Atua's gameshows.


Residence: Florida

Known for: Winning Season 4 of Big Brother Minecraft and for barely winning anything else.

Three adjectives that describe you: Kind, Sarcastic, Wise

Favorite activities: Playing video games, throwing game night parties, and sleeping.

Pet peeves: Chewing sounds, people who don't shut up, and people who say or do horrible things because they think they're untouchable.

Is your gameplay more heroic or more villainous?: Heroic because I'm loyal and honest about my intentions.

My life's motto is: Why fit in when you can just go to bed?

Fun facts: I hosted Big Brother at my school. I won a public speaking award. I believe that the Chao Garden should come back to future Sonic the Hedgehog games.

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