Username JPXC
Role Servant
Game Summary
Gameshows Atua's Temple 2

Atua's Challenge 1

Atua's Challenge 2

Money Won $0
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Residence: United States

Known for: Robster’s Big Brother, ADawg’s Streamed Survivor

Three adjectives that describe you: Attentive, Outgoing, Creative

Favorite activities: Cross country and track; running in general.

Pet peeves: Drama-filled people.

Is your gameplay more heroic or more villainous? Why?: Villainous, because I’m not afraid to backstab people when I need to.

My life's motto is: Life is like a box a chocolate, you never know what you're going to get.

Fun facts:

  • I once ran a 4:55min mile
  • I went to state in cross country