Username SolanaRowe
Role Servant
Game Summary
Gameshows Please Atua 1

Atua's Challenge 1

Money Won $0
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Residence: Oklahoma

Known for: Nothing; I'm literally irrelevant.

Three adjectives that describe you: Tall, Beautiful, Weird

Favorite activities: Singing and dancing.

Pet peeves: People eating with their mouth open, people lying to me/not saying stuff to my face.

Is your gameplay more heroic or more villainous? Why?: Villainous. I am real and if I don't like you, I'll tell the whole house. I don't talk behind people's back, but I do lie just to get myself further in games. Just like Sandra Diaz Twine, I only care for myself in games and I need to get myself to the end and win.

My life's motto is: Keep moving forward.

Fun facts:

  • I'm in two advanced choirs at school
  • I broke my left arm twice
  • I'm very gay